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In the digital library world, we work with many companies. In all honesty, most of them do not provide the same high level of thoroughness and attention as CyberTools does. Thank you.
- Kitty Wrigley, MS, AHIP, CPPS, Director, Health Sciences Libraries, Hospital Sisters Health System, IL

I've used CyberTools for about 12 years. The staff have been consistently helpful in all aspects of working with the system - they go above and beyond the call of duty to ensure you are completely satisfied. They are always working on improving a wonderful system and provide ample training opportunities so you know how to use it and train your staff. The new A-to-Z feature is awesome! CyberTools has been a wonderful addition to our organization.
-Don Martin, MSLS, Lead Librarian, Shady Grove Adventist Hospital, MD

Thanks for making continual improvements to CyberTools. Now that I've become more familiar with it, I appreciate all that it does. I added the eJournal and eBook A-Z lists to my library webpage - very cool!
- Jean Jenkins, MD, PhD, Medical Librarian/CME Coordinator, Our Lady of Lourdes Memorial Hospital, NY

Working with your library specialist, Kristin Sen, MLS, was very helpful. I figured out a lot of things just from talking with her. One example, we were paying for another vendor's A-to-Z before I started working here but it wasn't being used. So we were essentially paying for two A-to-Z lists and not using either. I tried their A-Z and I didn't care for it. The CyberTools A-to-Z lists are so much better! So I'm not renewing the other vendor's A-to-Z for next year. I love the CyberTools A-to-Z lists already and I know they're going to make things so much easier for our patrons.
- Lisa Block, MLIS, Medical Librarian/Resource Coordinator, Atlanta Medical Center, GA

I will attest to CyberTools's incredible commitment to their customers and colleagues. I feel that CyberTools is so much more than a vendor of a needed service: you are helping me as a partner in improving my library.
- Sisalee M. Hecht, MSLIS, Director of Library Services, Eastwick College, NJ

We never have cataloged so many books here since I have arrived. CyberTools rocks! Some books just run through our hands like butter. I really have to say that with our last system, my books did not get cataloged as quickly. I am so happy that we have switched over to CyberTools.
- Director of Libraries for multiple US government hospitals, FL

You're doing a great job of moving the technology forward to keep up with rapidly evolving librarian needs. And THANKS for keeping the cost down! You're the best automated library service out there! Great news about your business growth. I can't imagine anyone else offering to link five completely separate local health science libraries with a union catalog at absolutely no added cost for the benefit of the entire community.
- Judith Kammerer, MA, MLIS, AHIP, Librarian, Community Regional Medical Center, and UCSF-Fresno Medical Education Program, CA

I am always unbelievably impressed with the customer service you provide. It's outstanding 100% of the time.
- Sarah Goff, Librarian, Great River Medical Center, IA

We absolutely love CyberTools, and my staff who uses it every day is constantly telling me how easy, amazing and wonderful it is and how happy they are that we have changed systems. I appreciate your amazing support staff. If I could see your staff, I would give each one of them a big hug!
- Miriam Brown, MLS, Coordinator, Central LA Medical Library Consortium

As a librarian for almost 30 years, I have worked with a lot of vendors. I have to say that CyberTools has the best support staff that I ever had the pleasure of working with. They make it fun. Who would ever have thought I'd say that about cataloging?
Our hospital became part of a system with over 1400 beds and three physically separate libraries. When the libraries combined the collection we had more than doubled. Additionally, the books at one of the smaller hospitals had never been cataloged. I was frustrated with our current online catalog as it was not suited for medical libraries. When an author's name was part of the title, such as Harrison's, the book would not show up even though I knew two of the libraries had the book.

When we first selected CyberTools I was concerned since I had not had a cataloging class since library school decades ago, and I was not looking forward to being the designated cataloger for the system. Within a short time, I realized I did not need to worry. The dedicated and hard working support staff answered all my questions usually the same day with step by step instructions that I could easily understand.
- Marilyn Teolis, Medical Librarian Coordinator, Saint Thomas Health Services, Baptist Hospital Campus, Nashville, TN

My old system was like being in 6th grade. Now with CyberTools for Libraries, I feel like I've graduated to college overnight. CyberTools leaves my bibs smelling lemony fresh!
- Gail Johnson, Librarian II, Arizona State Hospital Library, AZ

The new reporting tools are exactly what we needed and more! This is so robust and flexible for our inquiries about our collection, and your example of one way to use it is great. We were never able to do this with any other system we have had. Thank you for all the wonderful things the CyberTools team does for us!
- Library Services Manager, Via Christi Libraries, KS

We are pleasantly surprised at how many stats we can gather from CyberTools. It supports the still-grand idea that a real library produces significant impact on a health care organization.
- Diane Rourke, MS, AHIP, Director, Library Services, Baptist Health South Florida

We'd like to thank all of you at CyberTools for all the help, advice and support you've given us here at the National Clearinghouse of Rehabilitation Training Materials. You have been invaluable in helping us create, expand and now renovate and improve our online digital library. In today's world of computerized everything, the personal touch is rare and valued, but for us, it's indispensable given the truly unique nature of both our collection and methods of operation.  We are growing and changing in ways we didn't anticipate, and you're here, with us, every step of the way, answering questions, making suggestions and even going so far as to researching and recommending other sources of information that might be helpful to us. It's reassuring to know that as we continue to grow and change, CyberTools is with us every step of the way!
- Michael J. Millington, Ph.D., Director
- Jennifer L. Robinson, Office Manager
The National Clearinghouse of Rehabilitation Training Materials, Utah State University

I am impressed with your product, which is fast and easy to use, but I am especially amazed by your service: everyone is so nice! My questions asked via email have been answered quickly and graciously. Generally, my vendors tend to be a grumpy lot with a special black hole receptacle for emailed questions, so this will take some getting used to.
- Carolyn Holmes, MLIS, Baptist Medical Center, AL

I had just about given up on the idea of ever achieving an online catalog for my library. Capital budget requests were unsuccessful. Then I talked with CyberTools. I was surprised to find out how affordable leasing the product would be. There was little need for IS support since CyberTools hosts the catalog on their server. We are now up and running with a link on our hospital intranet as well as our public internet site. I am pleased with the continued support and the impressive functionality of the product. It lets me do what I need to do. And reaching this goal helped me look good!
- Claire LaForce, MLS, Rutland Regional Health Center, VT

I want to thank you for your support and for the wonderful experience that we have had the last few months getting the catalog up and running.  My new librarian came in and learned quickly and set it all up for us. CyberTools is wonderful to work with!
- Ann McDonald, MA, MLS, Medical Library Manager, Florida Hospital, Orlando, FL

I am pleased to mention to everyone that the three (3) libraries of the Pacific College of Oriental Medicine are now very successful users of the CyberTools for Libraries system.  The San Diego library joined CyberTools in 2002. It was followed by the New York campus library in 2004. The Chicago campus library went online with CyberTools in January 2009 and everyone is very excited about this great achievement. Carol Stukey, the Chicago librarian, recently reported how smooth daily library operations are now. Thank you, CyberTools, for all your continual help and assistance. 
- Naomi C. Broering, MLS, MA, Dean of Libraries, Pacific College of Oriental Medicine

Thank you for yesterday's Q&A session and for helping to implement the PubMedCentral journals into my catalog. I am new to CyberTools and starting to see all it can do. I was giving a presentation this morning and while demonstrating what we have in certain subject areas, I was able to pull up PMC full-text journals. It was impressive. I am going to add my other databases' journals soon. I'm sure there is a lot more that I can learn and look forward to your next Q&A.
- Cara Helfner, Director of Library Services, Brigham & Women's Faulkner Hospital, Boston, MA

I've had really rapid, helpful, courteous responses from your support department this week about detail type questions. Thought you'd like to know.
- Cheryl Goodwin, Library Director, The Seattle School of Theology and Psychology, Seattle, WA

Thanks so much for the easy transition and the great customer service. I love CyberTools!
- Jan Haley, MLS, Information Services Librarian, St. Thomas Hospital, Nashville, TN

Thanks so much to everyone for the enhancements AND stable pricing. I can see that you are keeping "integration" as a fundamental principle of the product, with the ERM capabilities you rolled out. That really adds a lot of value.
- Molly A. Horio, Lead Librarian, BroMenn Healthcare, IL

Thanks for supplying such a wonderful service. It has revolutionized our library!
- Susie Petrillo, RN, MSN, Education and Library Services Director, Sierra Nevada Memorial Hospital, CA

You won't find a more user-friendly tool! And the conversion was a snap!
- Kitty M. Warner, MLS, M.Ed., Hennepin County Medical Center, MN

Just a "thank you" for a successful go live with our new catalog. It is a great product with lots of flexibility and enhancements. Training was very beneficial and essential for a basic understanding of all functions. Support is the best!
- Gay Taber, MLS, Information Resources Library, Ft. Worth, TX

I just received the most complete answer ever to a tech question I asked anywhere.
You guys rock!
- Nina McLaughlin, University Hospitals of Cleveland, OH

AAA customer service.
- Susana Hernandez-Kurtulus, MLS, Librarian, Richmond, VA

I am having so much fun with CyberTools. I'm so glad I chose this. You guys are great!
- Lyn Crispino, MLS, AHIP, Gaylord Hospital, Wallingford, CT

You are the greatest and I love your product. CyberTools for Libraries is so easy to learn. Thanks for a wonderful product.
- Bonnie L. Moore, Hennepin County Medical Center, MN

Feedback from Training Programs

This was just excellent - very informative. I am very impressed with the product.

You did a great job! The step-by-step how-to was most helpful.

I learned how powerful and targeted a search can be in CyberTools, and really liked the hands-on, practical examples. I love how my students and I can work with any bibliography package, too. The instructor had deep knowledge in my field, my type of library, and progressed well through the material. Excellent training and I'm looking forward to working more with all these features. I can't believe all this was so inexpensive.

Classes offered by CyberTools are always informative and taught by knowledgeable instructors.

I not only learned about how to use CyberTools, this served as a helpful review and discussion of cataloging skills and decisions I make about how my library functions.

Your teaching was very clear. I can do so much now!

Classes have been very helpful, the trainer did a great job.

CyberTools is an excellent resource and great support of libraries and librarians. The ability to have questions answered as we learned, even those not directly related to that issue, was invaluable.

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