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Academic and Special collections benefit from using CyberTools's feature-rich product at all-inclusive pricing. Learn about easy start-up, scalability to any collection or staff size, and more at Solutions by Functional Area.

Our users tell us that the features below led them to prefer CyberTools in specialized settings. Special and Academic collection managers benefit from being part of a user community that partners with CyberTools to tailor product development to their unique needs.

Academic/Higher Education

- ERM/Electronic Resource Management is integrated within the base system, and covered by the all-inclusive fee
- Reserves are fully integrated with Circulation
- Finely tuned Serials Management conserves staff and material resources
- Analytic entries for bibliographic enrichment highlight materials such as books, chapters, supplements, and articles in specific journal issues, including faculty/staff contributions to publications
- Patron notice management includes overdues by email
- Patrons can be managed by graduating class
- A-Z Lists, e-books and e-journals can be accessed by title, or by subject heading and then by title.  Library-defined A-Z lists can include videos, maps, photos, graphics, and more. No need for a third-party A-Z package. Catalog it once!


- Libraries conveniently share bibliographic records, while customizing holdings and maintaining control over their own collections
- Libraries can share access to e-resources among all participating catalogs or limit access to a specific catalog
- Participating libraries benefit from a shared/federated search of all collections at once with no added fees or management time
- Fast and easy implementation for each participating library
- Free, specialized training programs for consortia
- Libraries can join the consortium catalog seamlessly anytime thanks to fully scalable CyberTools


- Corporate libraries can use CyberTools as a knowledge repository to manage a range of text and graphic files, corporate documents, and policies & procedures
- Customized routing lists save time; CyberTools enables mixed routing methods including traditional routing sheets or Table of Contents labels
- CyberTools supports local, customized cataloging classifications, and local, multiple thesauri
- Patron self-loan extends access to your physical materials


- CyberTools serves US government libraries in the Air Force, Navy, FAA, USDA, HHS, Veterans Affairs, and more, meeting rigorous standards for data security, robust performance, and value
- Compliance with Section 508 of the US Rehabilitation Act for Accessibility (Bobby)
- USG contract management and implementation expertise
- CyberTools is a federally certified WOSB/Women Owned Small Business
- Ask us about purchase via GSA Schedule
- USG rates for service and setup; free personalized training
- Full participation in SAM (formerly, CCR/ORCA) and DoD WAWF
- ORCA representations and certifications are current and complete
- A record of stable, low pricing makes purchasing quick and easy
- CyberTools secure hosting is successful in conjunction with rigorous US government firewalls: if you can reach the Internet, CyberTools hosting will work for you

Healthcare and Life Sciences

- With origins in academic health sciences, CyberTools brings valuable expertise and context to your unique environment
- CyberTools has deep knowledge to help you get the most from your health science e-resources; our single search portal incorporates most health care and life science online subscriptions
- CyberTools contributes to your catalog with links to qualified, authoritative open access health science resources
- Optional MeSH or any combination of LC, Planetree, local cataloging and subject authorities
- One-click access to definitions of clinical MeSH terms
- MeSH tree explosion includes See Related’s
- Better availability makes print serials more valuable to your patrons: serials management is finely tuned, conserves staff and material resources
- Integrated, library-defined A-Z lists can include videos, collections of maps, photos, graphics, and more. No need for a third-party A-Z. Catalog it once!


- CyberTools serves as a knowledge repository to manage all types of document and graphic files, including policies & procedures, case materials, and more
- Customized routing lists and label management save time and materials. CyberTools enables mixed routing methods, including traditional routing sheets or Table of Contents labels.
- Serials management is finely tuned, handles parts and supplements, conserves staff and material resources
- Loose leaf management!
- Sophisticated serials call number management lets the library apply call numbers from the bib record level down to individual issues, so each item can optionally have its own call number
- Patron self-loan extends access to your physical materials
- Multiple law offices/libraries work seamlessly together in a shared catalog with local customization
- New law offices can join consortia anytime
- Law libraries can retrieve state materials from local law schools via Z39.50 bibliographic downloads for items that aren’t available at Library of Congress

Other Special Libraries

- Accommodates local or custom thesauri and local cataloging classification systems
- Full integration with graphics helps highlight unique collections
- Patron self-loan extends access to your physical materials
- Integrated, library-defined A-Z lists can include videos, maps, photos, graphics, museum content, and more

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