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The Cloud or Your Own Server

On the Cloud: Hosting/SaaS Software as a Service
System Requirements
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Choose the access option that works best for you. Today, libraries and consortia of all sizes most often choose to run on the cloud, accessing software over the Internet. CyberTools will also support in house servers. Either way you achieve the same advanced technology from world-class product designers.

System Service Requirements Service Provided By
In House Server Cloud/Hosting/SaaS
Installation and Server Set up Library CyberTools
Install Product Upgrades Library CyberTools
System/Database Backups Library CyberTools
System Maintenance Library CyberTools
System Security Library CyberTools

Cloud/Hosting/SaaS Software as a Service

The easy, cost-effective way to achieve a professional integrated library system. Enjoy the convenience of secure, web-based access to your staff functions, catalog and all-inclusive A-Z lists via any reliable Internet connection.

There's no need to purchase, install, maintain, secure, and update computer servers. CyberTools does this for you for an all-inclusive, modest fee.

Why Run on the Cloud? Low Costs, Fast Start-Up!
- Cloud hosting is less expensive: one low fee covers all you need. The CyberTools cloud represents dramatic savings, year after year, in any Total Cost of Ownership (TCO) analysis. Running via the CyberTools cloud is below the cost of ownership.
- Collection managers can focus resources on core activities.
- Start up is much faster, usually within 1-2 days.
- Some organizations do not have sufficient technology infrastructure to get the help they need in their libraries for product installations, upgrades, and backups.

How Reliable is Catalog Access via the Cloud?
You only need fast and reliable Internet connections. CyberTools has redundant Internet providers, redundant hardware with UPS technology, and redundant, co-located servers offsite on both East and West US coasts to ensure your operations. CyberTools collections running via the cloud have realized nearly 100% uptime since 2005.

Secure Database. Multiple Daily Backups Performed For You.
Your database is your property. It is shadowed in real-time to another server, protected and shared only with authorized users. You can always update or copy your own data via system menus. CyberTools hosting servers are protected from unauthorized intrusions by multiple layers of security. CyberTools performs daily backups for you in multiple ways, on multiple servers, in multiple secure locations.


Experts with in-depth knowledge answer your questions quickly and completely. Our background in mission-critical object technology promotes high performance and minimizes costs.

No limit on collection size. Manage millions of titles, thousands of simultaneous users.
CyberTools employs the same commercial post-relational database technology as the world's largest network at Harvard University teaching hospitals. This technology is Caché from InterSystems Corporation, one of the top database suppliers in the world, headquartered in Cambridge, Massachusetts. Caché is a highly scalable, powerful scripting language with an integrated database that uniquely combines object and relational technologies. Lightning speed and massive scalability make Caché a perfect match for library systems. CyberTools comes to you loaded with powerful reports, and supports SQL and ODBC so you can also design your own searches and reports with popular off-the-shelf database tools.

System Requirements

Workstations. Workstation and browser requirements are the same for hosting or in-house server access. You'll never need to install an update on a workstation, since the server delivers updates for you automatically. Workstation requirements are minimal: any current workstation works well, and most libraries can work with the workstations they already have. CyberTools also runs on mobile devices.

Browsers. Patrons can use any browser to access the online catalog. Library staff can use any browser that works with a current version of Java™ technology, a trademark of Sun Microsystems. Alternate non-browser solutions are also available for Library staff.

Servers. Requirements apply only to those running in-house servers and are minimal. Hosting/SaaS libraries do not have server requirements.

Download Latest Technology Specifications

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