5.2 Postcard Format

The postcard format typically allows 3 items per card, and looks similar to this example, using the DUE format:
 Memorial Library 
 University of the State 
 1 Main St.  
 Boston, MA   01010 
 07/29/01  Any questions? Call us at  (617)-333-4444 x 12 
 Please return the following overdue item(s) 
 If you have already returned the item(s), please call us.  
 Yu, Tsai-Fan, 
 The Kidney in gout and hyperuricemia 
 Due: 05/14/01  First Overdue Notice 
                                        MR. JOHN DOE 
                                        1 CENTRAL ST.  
                                        CAMBRIDGE MA  01020 

The address meets the following US Postal standards:

     - upper case text;  
     - the address is at least a half inch above the bottom, 
     - nothing printed to the left of the two bottom rows of the 
       address (for OCR reading).  

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