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Pacific College of Oriental Medicine
Pacific College of Oriental Medicine Library, San Diego Catalog Functions
  1. Search the Catalog (a.k.a. HTML OPAC)
  2. Search the Catalog for the Visually Impaired
  3. Staff Functions (port 20,004)
  4. Staff via best Firewall Backdoor (port 21)
  5. Staff via new Firewall Backdoor (port 563)
  6. Staff via alternate Firewall Backdoor (port 23)
  7. Staff via Tunnel
  8. Staff via FIPS mode Secure Tunnel
  1. Circulation Functions (port 20,004)
  2. Circulation via best Firewall Backdoor (port 21)
  3. Circulation via new Firewall Backdoor (port 563)
  4. Circulation via alternate Firewall Backdoor (port 23)
  5. Circulation via Tunnel
  6. Circulation via FIPS mode Secure Tunnel
  7. Help
  8. Old Catalog Functions
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    A. What's New
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  2. Batch Control's Linked Titles Report • guide (pdf) 2020.10.09
  3. Cataloging a Work with Accompanying Materials (e.g., Study Guide) • guide (pdf) 2020.08.26
  4. E-Resource Update Service Sample Form • form (MS Word Docx) 2020.09.25
  5. New Tutorial: EBSCO E-Book Import • slides (pdf) 2020.07.02
  6. Use OCLC Collection Manager to download a specific provider's MARC with URLs • slides (pdf) 2020.06.25
  7. Stop using https://maple.cybertoolsforlibraries.com. Use https://cybertoolsforlibraries.com • guide (pdf) 2020.06.17
  8. Serial Copy Static Extent • guide (pdf) 2020.03.27
  9. Serial Function [Remove Display Dates and/or Free Text Holdings String] • guide (pdf) 2020.03.27
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